The Buyer expressly states that he or she made the purchase non-commercial or professional activities.

Identification Seller

The assets covered by these general conditions are placed for sale by Egan&Marv's Srl. based in Milan Via Montenapoleone No. 8, registered with the Milan Chamber of Commerce at No. 2580767 Business Register, VAT Number 11116130961, contact: eganmarvs@pec.it below as "Seller."

Art. 1


1.1. With the term "online sales contract", it is intends the contract for material mobile goods for sale Seller, stipulated between them and the Buyer under a system remote sales through telematics tools and organized by the Seller.

1.2. The word "Buyer" refers to the Buyer person making the purchase, referred to in this contract, for the purposes of not related to any commercial or professional activity that may have been carried out.

1.3. The term "Salesperson" refers to the subject indicated in the epigraph or the person providing the information services.

Art. 2

Subject of the contract

2.1. With this contract, the Seller and the Buyer remotely tune through telematics tools for the sale behind cash consideration of the material mobile goods described and offered in sale on the www.eganmarvs.com website.

2.2. The products mentioned above are shown on the web page: www.eganmarvs.com/prodotti

Art. 3

How the contract is concluded

3.1. The contract between the Seller and the Buyer ends exclusively through the Internet via the Buyer's access www.eganmarvs.com address, Where, following the procedures indicated, the Buyer will come to formalize the proposal for the purchase of the goods referred to in step 2.1 of the previous article.

Art. 4

Conclusion and effectiveness of the contract

4.1.A The purchase proposal will be submitted by the exact completion of the application form and the consent to the purchase manifested through the membership sent online or with filling out the form/form online and then submitting the form/form button, after displaying a web page, printable order summary, which shows the extremes ordering, the price of the purchased property, the cost of additional additional ancillary charges determined by the seller, the terms and conditions of payment, the address where the well will be delivered, the delivery times.

The order is refined with the payment of the price and shipping costs, if provided, and except for the good end of the same.

4.2. The moment the Seller receives payment from the Buyer by sending an e-mail of confirming and displaying a page confirmation web and summary of the order, printable, in which they are also data invoked in the previous step.

4.3. The contract is not considered perfected and effective between the parts at fault of what is indicated in the points Previous.

Art. 5

How to pay and refund

5.1. Any payment by the Buyer may take place only by means of one of the methods indicated on the appropriate web page by the Seller.

5.2. Any refund Buyer will be credited by the way in which the purchase has taken place. payment, only on the same accounts and/or payment cards Buyer himself.

Art. 6

Delivery times and methods

6.1. The Seller will deliver the products selected and ordered, with the modes chosen by the Buyer among those listed on the website, as confirmed in the e-mail referred to in step 4.2.

6.2. Shipping times can vary from day payment to a maximum of 2 (two) business days from the confirmation of the same as expected in step 4.2., except as expected steps 8 and 9. If the Seller is unable to make the shipping within that timely deadline will be given timely notice via e-mail to the Buyer.

6.3. If an order cannot be fulfilled or can only be fulfilled Buyer must be informed within one month of the order. In such cases, the Buyer right to withdraw from the contract.

6,4. Shipping modes, times and costs are listed on the summary web page at the time of order.

Art. 7


7.1. All sales prices of the products on display and indicated within the website www.eganmarvs.com/ and are expressed in euros.

7.2. The sales prices, referred to in the previous point, are including VAT. If the purchase is made by companies and not by a person outside the Italian territory, prices are to be understood without VAT which is to be pour into the territory of the buying company. Shipping costs (excluding any ancillary charges, e.g. customs clearance) are indicated and purchase process before the order is forwarded by the Buyer and also contained on the order summary web page Made.

Art. 8

Product availability

8.1. The Seller insures through the telematics system processing and fulfilling orders without delay. To do this, it indicates, in its electronic catalogue, the number of products available order and those not available, as well as shipping times. The availability of products and the reported delivery times are those related to the usual conditions for finding the raw material Used.

8.2. If an order exceeds the existing quantity In the warehouse, the Seller, by e-mail, will let the Buyer know whether the is no longer bookable or what are the waiting times to get chosen asset, asking whether it intends to confirm the order or not.

8.3. The Seller's computer system confirms in the most time when the order has been registered by submitting User/Buyer a confirmation by e-mail, according to the point 4.2.

Art. 9

Limitations of responsibility

9.1. Order fulfillment and In any case, the delivery time is subject to the availability of the raw material and the conditions of finding it under conditions of Normal. The Seller only commits to shipping by 48 hours completed the order and is not responding to delays and time-related courier/carrier only.

9.2. The Seller takes no responsibility for disservices due to force majeure in case he fails to give order on time in the contract.

9.3. The Seller will not be able to hold himself responsible Purchaser, except in the case of gross misconduct or misconduct, for disservices or malfunctions associated with the use of the Internet outside the control of its own or its subcontractors.

9.4. The Seller will also not be responsible for loss and costs incurred by the Buyer as a result of the failure to execution of the contract for non-attributable causes.

9.5. The Seller takes no responsibility for fraudulent and unlawful use that can be made by credit cards, checks and other means of payment, for the benefit of the payment of purchased products, if it proves that it has adopted all cautions as possible according to the ordinary diligence.

Art. 10

Faulty responsibilities, proof of damages and damages.

10.1. The request, by the Damaged, must be must indicate the product that caused the damage, the location and date of purchase, how the damage occurred; Must also contain the offer in view of the product, if it still exists.

10.2. The Seller cannot be held responsible consequences of the defect of the product if the defect is due to the defect product compliance with standards mandatory legal measures or a binding measure, i.e. whether the state of the scientific and technical knowledge, at the time the manufacturer put in circulation of the product, did not yet allow to consider the product Bad. No compensation will be due Damaged, while aware of the defect of the product and the danger resulting from it, however, he voluntarily exposed himself to it.

10.3. No compensation will be damaged if the Damaged, taking into account the characteristics and characteristics of the quality of the product and the danger that ensued, however, there was voluntarily exposed.

10.5. The Buyer is required to check the characteristics and qualities of the product as well as its conditions and to keep them out of reach. Children. The Seller and the Manufacturer are not responsible for the misuse product.

Art. 11

Guarantees and service modes

11.1. The Seller responds for any defects compliance within 2 years of the delivery of the asset.

11.2. The Buyer waives all rights if he does not report Seller's compliance defect within 2 months of the date defect has been discovered. The complaint is not necessary if the Seller acknowledged the existence of the defect or concealed it.

11.3. In any case, unless proven it is assumed that compliance defects that occur within 6 months after the delivery of the asset already existed at that date, unless that incompatible with the nature of the asset or with the nature of the defect Compliance.

11.4 In the event of a compliance defect, the Buyer may alternatively and without charge, to the conditions below, repair or replacement of the purchased asset, a reduction in the price resolution of this agreement, unless the request for is not objectively impossible to satisfy or results for the Excessively expensive seller under art. 130, paragraph 4, of the Code consumption.

11.5. The request must be made by email address : support@eganmarvs.com, which will indicate your willingness to give way to the request, that is, the reasons that prevent it to do so, within a reasonable period, in any case not before ten days from the receipt of the same.

11.6 In the communication, if the Seller has accepted the request Buyer, must indicate the reduction in the proposed price or the how to return the asset Bad. The mode of re-accreditation will follow the same form in which the purchase has been perfected, without possibility of replacing the credit card or account holder Current.

Art. 12

Buyer's Obligations

12.1. The Buyer agrees to pay the price of the asset purchased in the times and manners indicated by the contract.

12.2. The Buyer undertakes, once the procedure is completed online purchase, to provide for the printing and preservation of the present Contract.

12.3. By sending the order payment of the price, all the information and conditions contained in the This contract is understood to be viewed and accepted by the Buyer, who confirms during the purchase process.

Art. 13

In accordance with art. 56 of the Code of consumption and in accordance with art. 16 of the 2011/83/EU Directive, Buyer may not exercise the right of withdrawal for purchase contracts tailor-made or clearly customized products or that, for them, may not be sent back or risk deteriorating or altering Quickly. Although our jewels are included in this case, the Egan&Marv's agrees to this right of withdrawal without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 14 (fourteen) days from the day of receipt of the purchased asset.

The customer must give Communicate to the Seller by e-mail to the resi@eganmarvs.com e-mail.

The Buyer will have to return the product is intact and, in any case, in a normal state of storage, with all accessories delivered and, if reasonably possible, in the state and original packaging and in accordance with the instructions provided by the Seller. The consumer is responsible for the decrease in the value of goods misbeeing assets other than the one required to manipulate assets. determine the nature, characteristics and operation of goods. Purposes return, the product is intended to be delivered to the Buyer packaging and packaging prepared by the Seller/Producer as well as provided of all the intended accessories, unless specific complaint made Seller within 24 hours of receiving the goods. The Suns Expenses owed by the Buyer for the exercise of the right of withdrawal are direct costs of returning the property to the Seller, except in cases Seller does not agree to accept them as a bonus.

The Seller refunds all payments received by the Buyer, to which will be deducted 10.00 euros ( Ten/00) refurbishment, within fourteen days of the day receives the returned product, once result is intact as a result of check. Seller makes the refund using the same means of payment used Buyer for the initial transaction, without any possible changes.

Art. 14

Causes of resolution

14.1. The bonds referred to in paragraph 12.1, assumed Buyer, as well as the guarantee of a successful payment The Buyer carries out the means referred to in paragraph 5.1 as a character essential, so that, by express pact, the non-compliance of only one bonds, where not determined by chance or force majeure, will result in the termination of the right of the ex art contract. 1456 c.c. Italian, without the need for a judicial ruling.

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